6" Solid Web Straight Hand Wheel

6" Solid Web Straight Hand Wheel

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6" Solid Web Straight Product Description


We manufacture our 6" solid web straight hand wheel using the industry’s most stringent standards, so you can rest assured that you’re adding a high-quality element to your design or replacing a part on your project with a hand wheel that stands up to the rigors of use and abuse. Our hand wheels conform to MIL SPEC MS21312 for easy compliance with your project.

Top-Grade Materials

Our 6" solid web straight hand wheels are made of cast aluminum, so you can have confidence in their staying power and performance once installed. Ask us about special finishes available for your hand wheels. We offer options such as painting, plating and anodizing. Custom machining and tooling are also available. See us for special cross holes, bores and keyways for your chosen hand wheel designs.

Custom Hand Wheels Available

Our engineers and retooling specialists are adept at creating custom hand wheels for a variety of industries, including mining, agriculture, and biotech. Trust us with your custom hand wheel order and you will not be disappointed. 

To order a custom hand wheel, please contact us.