Custom Machining Services



Our skilled machinists and polishers are the best at what they do in the Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois region. Small manufacturers often find that the standard product inventory available in catalogs and on websites do not address the specific parts they are requiring. 

Custom engineering is an art form that requires active listeners and creative problem solvers. Custom designs require skilled machining. We go to great lengths to understand exactly what it is you are proposing. Our goal is to create  a solution that will more specifically fulfill your need much better than boilerplate parts available through standard inventories.


Our strength is in our experience and our desire to give you the end product that you are seeking. We are adept at machining hand-wheels, including 3-spoke offset and straight as well as solid web offset and straight. 

We are also able to machine knurled knobs for machines, many of which have been used in pharmaceutical, dairy and the oil industries.

Revolving and solid handles from Yumac Products Inc. have been provided to dozens of local manufacturers from coast to coast.


Yumac takes the guesswork out of part sourcing. We have over 20 years of experience and have extensive capacity available to fulfill your order in a timely, professional manner. 

Our professional machinists have proven themselves in milling, turning and polishing through their extensive training on CNC machines. Our customers keep coming back resulting in Yumac doubling our production over the past four years. 

When you buy from Yumac, your products have that sought-after “Made in America” stamp of approval. We use only the finest metals and all engineering tolerances are strictly adhered to.

At Yumac Products Inc., we help local industry with their design-specific machining needs, working with your blueprints and specifications. Our ability to custom machine hand wheels, knobs, handles or whatever is limited only by your imagination.

The term “custom machining” implies precision and that is what we provide, along with satisfied customers who end up being our best sales tool. 

Working with Yumac Products, Inc., your regional leader in custom machining, saves time and allows you to develop a relationship with local people who you can count on to be available when the need arises.

Contact a Yumac Products, Inc. sales representative today to discuss your custom machining needs. We create manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industries. You too could benefit from a relationship with Yumac Products, Inc.