Hand Knob - Prong Type Drawing
Hand Knob - Prong Type
ABCDEFMaterialPart ## OrderedMaterialPart ## Ordered
1-1/89/163/85/1611/16BlankCast Iron410249 Cast  Aluminum910192 
.250 Rm.Cast Iron410250 Cast  Aluminum410251 
1/4-20 TapCast Iron410252 Cast  Aluminum410253 
1-1/23/41/23/87/8BlankCast Iron410254 Cast  Aluminum910194 
.3125 Rm.Cast Iron410255 Cast  Aluminum410256 
5/16-18 TapCast Iron410257 Cast  Aluminum410258 
23/45/81/21-1/8BlankCast Iron410259 Cast  Aluminum910196 
.3125 Rm.Cast Iron410260 Cast  Aluminum410261 
.375 Rm.Cast Iron410262 Cast  Aluminum410263 
3/8-16 TapCast Iron410264 Cast  Aluminum410265 
2-1/217/81/21-3/8BlankCast Iron410266 Cast  Aluminum910198 
.375 Rm.Cast Iron410267 Cast  Aluminum410268 
.500 Rm.Cast Iron410269 Cast  Aluminum410270 
1/2-13 TapCast Iron410271 Cast  Aluminum410272 
2-1/21-1/811/21-1/2BlankCast Iron410273 Cast  Aluminum910200 
.500 Rm.Cast Iron410274 Cast  Aluminum410275 
.625 Rm.Cast Iron410276 Cast  Aluminum410277 
1/2-13 TapCast Iron410278 Cast  Aluminum410279 
5/8-11 TapCast Iron410280 Cast  Aluminum410281 
31-1/41-1/41/21-3/4BlankCast Iron410282 Cast  Aluminum910202 
.625 Rm.Cast Iron410283 Cast  Aluminum410284 
.750 Rm.Cast Iron410287 Cast  Aluminum410288 
5/8-11 TapCast Iron410285 Cast  Aluminum410286 
3/4-10 TapCast Iron410289 Cast  Aluminum410290 
3-1/81-1/21-1/41/21-3/4BlankCast Iron410291 Cast  Aluminum910204 
.625 Rm.Cast Iron410292 Cast  Aluminum410293 
.750 Rm.Cast Iron410296 Cast  Aluminum410297 
3/4-10 TapCast Iron410298 Cast  Aluminum410299 

Material Specifications:

  • 3" & 3-1/8" diameter knobs are 5 pronged, all others have 4 prongs
  • Special bores and special plated finishes furnished to order

To place an order

  • Please email sales@yumacinc.com
  • Please indicate part number, material, quantity, along with contact and ship-to information.
  • A Yumac representative will contact you within 24 hours to review your order.

*Handles are available here